I am always hiring.

My research involves a considerable amount of data collection, cleaning, merging, and handling. I would not be able to manage everything without the help of talented and ambitious young economists.

I am searching for people with knowledge of Stata, doing masters in Brazil or Asia and interested in doing a PhD in the US. I favor students with experience on RAIS or other Brazilian administrative datasets, although this is not a requirement.

Many years ago, I was an ambitious young economist in a small marxist school far away from the big centers. Part of my career progression is due to mentors that gave me an opportunity and believed in me. I own them doing the same to the next generation.

If you are interested, send your CV to: gustavo@microtomacro.net


  author={Gustavo de Souza},
  title={{The Labor Market Consequences of Appropriate Technology}},
  institution={Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago},
  type={Working Paper Series},
  number={WP 2022-53},
  abstract={Developing countries rely on technology created by developed countries. This paper demonstrates that such reliance increases wage inequality but leads to greater production in developing countries. I study a Brazilian innovation program that taxed the leasing of international technology to subsidize national innovation. I show that the program led firms to replace technology licensed from developed countries with in-house innovations, which led to a decline in both employment and the share of high-skilled workers. Using a model of directed technological change and technology transfer, I find that increasing the share of firms that patent in Brazil by 1 p.p. decreases the skilled wage premium by 0.02% and production by 0.2%},
  keywords={appropriate technology; directed technological change; innovation},


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